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Finding the optimal heat exchanger for your application is not as easy as you might think. At Geurts, we know about the demands for heat exchanger types, because we have been supplying many growing innovative industries for over 5 decades. And more than often, standard is not an option.

When designing a heat exchanger to meet your specific demands, we prefer to be involved in the process at an early stage so we can assess requirements such as corrosiveness, temperatures, materials, fouling of the heat exchanger, and plot space. Only this way, we can engineer and build a customized exchanger to optimize the heat transfer resulting in:

  • enhanced results of process installation
  • odour reduction
  • reduction of CO2 emission
  • less energy consumption
  • lower costs

The heat exchangers described on our website should give you a good indication of the solutions we have to offer. Please feel free to contact us for a tailor-made calculation and offer for your situation enabling your installation to achieve outstanding performances.

Heat exchangers