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Flue gas heat exchangers

Flue gas heat exchanger transfers exhaust gas heat to energy

Implementing a flue gas heat exchanger to capture exhaust gas and to transfer the heat to different energy consuming part of your installation, saves not only energy but also saves money. Moreover, it is a very sustainable way to optimize your production process. Geurts has over 20 years of experience in heat recovery from flue gas using heat exchangers.

Heat transfer & heat recovery

We lead the way in innovations for many of our customers. For instance, we have developed a compact u-tube design heat exchanger fitted into a rectangular case to fit in a relatively small space in the production area. This compact shape is also beneficial to easier duct connections and simpler cleaning options, by using hatches. These heat exchangers are perfect for heat transfer and heat recovery.

In what industries does Geurts work?

We already helped companies in a wide variety of industries with the implementation of a heat exchanger. Some example industries for flue gas recovery:

  • Energy (power plant, combined heat and power (CHP), gas-fired, oil-fired, coal-fired and biomass-fired)
  • Energy-from-Waste plants (household, hazardous, and hospital waste)
  • Steel industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Other industrial environments

Investment advantages

Flue gas heat recovery by using flue gas heat exchangers provides more efficient process equipment as the energy from the heat that would otherwise escape through your flue or chimney reused. Advantages of flue gas heat exchangers:

  • More efficient production process
  • Reduced pollution in atmosphere (toxic combustible wastes)
  • Reduced use of energy consumption
  • Reduced operational cost

From a broad range of high-quality materials, we build customized flue gas heat exchangers for a specific solution fitting your requirements. Please contact us to find out how we can engineer a specific solution for you.

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