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Geurts offers innovative total solution concepts

Consider us your partner in optimizing your production process, reducing operational costs and energy consumption and, as a consequence, bringing down your carbon footprint. Geurts engineers, builds and supplies heat exchangers and waste heat recovery products. More than often, standard is not an option. Benefit from the expertise of the overall Heilig Group and Geurts in particular in building innovative installations for the diverging demands in high temperature, high pressure or aggressive media applications.

One stop source

With our team of experienced engineers, we offer a total solution concept; from thermal engineering to mechanical engineering, project management, and in-house production. Every single part of your installation will be engineered and produced in-house. Among others, this includes:
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air preheaters
  • Applications for incineration systems
  • Flue gas cooling
  • Co-generation plants
  • Fouling cleaning systems
As we are an independent operating company, we offer our customers maximum flexibility regarding communication, innovation, engineering, production, and deliveries.


Geurts International BV was founded in 1963, and since that year we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in heat exchanging equipment and heat transfer solutions. In 2015, Geurts became part of the Heilig Group. This extension offers our customers financial stability and broad access to the group-wide knowledge leading to further innovations.

About the Heilig Group

It all started in 1978 when N.M. Heilig B.V. was founded by Nicolaas Maria Heilig. The company started out with one welding machine, followed by the maintenance and production of various machinery. These services were the cause of an unrivaled success and, during the years, lead to specialization and acquisition of related businesses in machinery and installations for the bulk handling and recycling industry. In fulfilling our mission to offer our clients full-service in engineering, developing, manufacturing, and installing, we have extended the Heilig Group to what it is today. A group formed by individual companies offering a whole concept of solutions in recycling, waste management, bulk handling, wood processing, heat exchanging, industrial mixing, and electrotechnology. The Heilig Group companies, located in different European countries, compose a powerful and leading conglomerate serving customers all over the world.

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