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Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchanger for larger surfaces

When heat transfer over a larger surface is required, a heating plate, or plate heat exchanger, is an excellent option. The optimal plate heat exchanger calculation determines the selected pattern and materials, after which Geurts engineers a flexible and sizable design to meet your application. The heat exchangers from our design will perform duties at low-pressure and low temperatures to high demands such as aggressive fluids, high pressure, and temperatures.

In which industries are plate heat exchangers valuable?

Heat exchangers can be used in all industries where large temperature differences exist. This is mostly the case in industrial environments. Example industries for plate heat exchangers are:

  • Offshore industry
  • Biogas industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry

What are plate heat exchangers?

A plate heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger that uses metal plates for heat transfer between two fluids. With a plate type heat exchanger, heat cuts through the surface and separates the hot medium from the cold. Thus, heating and cooling fluids or gases using minimal energy levels. In summary, the advantages of a plate heat exchanger are:

  • Flexible design with many plate types and sizes
  • Suitable for a variety of thermal programs
  • Wide variety of materials for optimal conductivity
  • Cost reduction

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