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Geurts calculation tool

This handy calculation tool quickly shows you how much you can save on energy consumption and how much CO2 emissions can be reduced within your company. The program calculates the parameters you have filled in. The final calculation gives a clear picture of the possibilities that contribute to a better environment, but of course also reduce your operational costs. This is of course a rough calculation, we are happy to think along with you in order to arrive at the best possible result.

Geurts has been known for its industrial heat exchangers for over 50 years, but our company does much more than that. We also develop complete installations that go beyond merely recovering residual heat. We look to the future, we want to achieve a total solution that is as sustainable as possible: we want to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce operational costs and, of course, limit the impact on the environment.

There are countless heat recovery systems imaginable for this purpose; we would like to think along with you to come up with a suitable, effective and affordable total solution.

Take control of your energy is our slogan.

Do the calculation right this minute! Are you curious after reading the results? Then contact us, without obligation, on 088 1704 600 or e-mail info@geurtsheatexchangers.com.

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