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Heat exchangers are increasingly being used in different industries, often as part of heating or air-conditioning systems. They can be implemented in factories and buildings to save energy, reduce costs, save CO2 and also to save time. On this page, we will introduce the topic of tubular heat exchangers further by answering multiple questions.

What is a tubular heat exchanger?

Tubular heat exchangers is the collective term for a wide variety of heating systems to heat water thermal oil, glycol, crude oil, gas, air for combustion and are also used in biogas reheating and steam production. For your field of application, Geurts engineers, builds and supplies tailor-made heat exchanging equipment and heat transfer solutions in a tubular design.

What are the different types of heat exchangers?

  • single tube heat exchangers
  • double tube heat exchangers
  • finned tube heat exchangers
  • u-tube type heat exchangers
  • shell and tube heat exchangers
  • shell and coil heat exchangers

Which heat exchanger type is most efficient?

The question which type of heat exchanger has the highest efficiency, is not an easy question to answer. In some cases, double tube heat exchangers will be the most efficient heat exchanger. In other situations, the shell and tube variant might be more efficient.

Multiple factors play a role in the performance of heat exchangers:

  • Temperatures
  • Fluid velocity

The engineers at Geurts can help you to find the perfect type of exchanger for your situation.

From which materials are heat exchangers made?

Tubular heat exchangers can be made from several first class materials, depending on your specifications and the tube heat exchanger design. This ranges from stainless steel to aluminum and copper. The most important factor for material selection is the heat transfer coefficient. But also a low coefficient of thermal expansion as well as corrosion resistance is important.

Corrugated tubes

Corrugated tubes are more efficient at transferring heat than smooth ones and have a number of other benefits. This is why in most Tubular Heat Exchangers, these types of tubes are used. This delivers a number of benefits, like longer running times, easier maintenance, and more efficiency by preventing materials from sticking to the wall of the tube, where they can act as insulation and prevent efficient heat transfer.

About Geurts Heat Exchangers

Geurts Heat Exchangers is specialized in heat exchangers and optimizers. We have a vast experience in supplying tubular heat exchangers for industries such as (petro)chemicals, energy, production of biofuels, agriculture, steel and paper.

Is your industry not mentioned? These are only a few examples. Please contact us for more information about any tubular type of heat exchanger suitable for your industry.

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