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Heat exchanger fouling cleaning system

Fouling cleaning system for heat exchangers

Maintaining optimal thermal conductivity for a heat exchanger is provided by a custom-engineered fouling cleaning system. Over time during the production process, unwanted materials accumulate on the tubes of a heat exchanger. Fouling entails thermal resistance, slower fluid flows, acceleration of corrosion, and increased pressure drop of the heat exchanger.

Geurts has designed 3 types of online cleaning systems, that can be engineered according to your specifications mechanically, pneumatic or electrically driven.


The automatically operating brush cleaning system continuously cleans the top of the tubes where most fouling appears. Geurts offers designs with a wire mesh frame or twisted wire brushes which can be combined with other cleaning systems.


The automatically operating cable cleaning system continuously cleans the space between the tubes. Geurts offers frame designs electrically driven by spindles which can be combined with other cleaning systems.


The rapping cylinders of the automatically operating rapping cleaning system are equipped with rams to create a vibration which shakes off built up material. This system is only applicable to u-tube design heat exchangers. Geurts offers customized designs which can be combined with other cleaning systems.

Heat exchanger fouling cleaning systems advantages:

  • Clean tubes attract fewer particles
  • Optimal thermal conductivity
  • Production process fully operational; less downtime

Please download the leaflet Hex Cleaning systems and feel free to contact us for more information.

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