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Shell and tube heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers offers an endless variety

In the field of heat exchangers, the application of a shell and tube design is the most frequently engineered solution. With our experience of supplying heat exchanging equipment for over 50 years, the engineers at Geurts know how to design a variety of heat exchangers, from a more or less standard design to an innovative application. Always made to measure.

Depending on your requirements, we design and build shell & tube heat exchangers with straight tubes or u-tubes, with removable bundles or floating heads. The variety of available materials ranges from low-pressure and low temperature noncorrosive mediums to high-pressure and high temperature types of steel with a certain alloy, depending on the thermal conductivity of the fluids and/or gasses.

For larger engines and larger combined cycle installations, we design a heat exchanger fitting the tube bundle inside a rectangular casing. This reduces the total size of the exchanger for a perfect fit in your installation.

Please download the leaflet Shell and Tube heat exchanger and Rectangular shell and tube heat exchanger or contact us for more information.

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