Heat Exchangers for thermal oil heating

Another project finished by supplying four Heat Exchangers for Flue Gas Cooling / Thermal Oil Heating and one Aircooler. Each heat exchanger construction has a weight of ca. 16.500 Kg, size of ca. 7m x 1m x 9m (LxWxH). Geurts International also supplied an air cooler, including aluminium finned tubes, weighting ca. 9.000 Kg with dimensions of ca. 10m x 3m x 0,5m (LxWxH). Transport by water took place at the end of June.

Our client is active in cleaning contaminated soil by means of a combustion process. This process releases a lot of heat in the fluegas which would go to the stack and will create air emissions. Geurts International B.V. provided 4 heat exchanger bundles for transferring the heat from this combustion process. In the bundles the thermal oil flows and the hot flue gas comes out of the combustion process. In this manner, 8 - 10 MW of heat from the hot flue gas is transferred to the thermal oil. In a later stage, the heated thermal oil is used to produce electricity using an additional installation.

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