Huge transport taking place in Heerhugowaard

On June 13th, Alkmaarsche Courant informed about short-term traffic restrictions in Heerhugowaard caused by transport of 4 massive heat exchangers weighting together 66 tons.

Manufacturing of these devices for thermal oil heating took place in the production facility of our mother company N.M. Heilig B.V. in cooperation with employees of Geurts International. These bundles made of stainless steel have size of about 7 x 10 m and weight around 16,500 kg each. Heat exchangers produced in such dimensions are very rare.

From the production location in Heerhugowaard, heat exchangers were brought to the quay and placed on a ship for further transport to Eemshaven. In Eemshaven, the heat exchangers are going to be incorporated into the soil cleaning system since the end of June and connected to the thermal oil system.